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Revealed on this page…

The Secret Most Apartment Complexes Won’t Tell You Before You Get There (Hint…It’s wasting your valuable time and money).

What Your Landlord Doesn’t Want You to Know about Security Deposits: no, he can’t just keep it.

The Condos You Should Be Looking at If You Want All Utilities Included: there’s only a handful.


EXCLUSIVE ACCESS – Your Chance to Employ the Most Time-Saving, Stress-Reducing, Money-Saving Service You’ve Ever Imagined When Looking for a Place to Rent

Dear Prospective Renter…

If you’re spending hours each night – or more! – looking for properties online; if you’re doing the same searches over and over again without getting different results; if you’re tired of private owners not calling you back or apartment complexes calling you non-stop…

If you’re scared you won’t be able to find a good home for your pet or your child – one that’s within your budget; if you’re driving around aimlessly, looking at buildings and Googling them at the same time; if you’re overwhelmed, confused, and don’t know who to trust; this is the service you need right now.

Here’s why:

As the only FREE rental search service of its kind in the area, we’ll work with you to quickly understand your needs and timelines, eliminate housing options that aren’t a fit, and represent YOUR best interests throughout the rental process.

Because we’re not beholden to “pay for play” advertising dollars in the same way an apartments.com, Hotpads, or a similar website might be, our only concern is your satisfaction.

When it comes to renting, the devil is always in the details.

That’s why you can waste incredible amounts of time THINKING you’ve found a place in your budget, before showing up and realizing all the additional costs tacked on – apartment complexes are pros at this.

We’re completely independent. We live in the area.

How to Find the Perfect Rockville Rental for You and Your Dog...
without Searching More Than a Few Minutes Online
How to Find the Perfect Rockville Rental Near the
without Making Your Work Commute Too Long

Where to Find 
a Rockville Rental that Fits 
Your Needs...
without Exceeding Your Monthly Budget

This FREE offer is limited and not available ANY other place
Let’s reiterate that…
Because of our hyper-localized Rockville expertise, we’re instantly able to tell you ALL of your options – plus the positives, negatives, and everything else about each potential location.

We don’t work for apartment complexes or condo owners; we work for you.

Here’s an example…

Suppose you want a 2BR/2BA condo near the Rockville metro that is under $2,000 and includes all utilities.

The Americana Centre is where you should be looking; it’s your only option. 

We promise.

Good luck finding that information with a quick Google search.

Want to focus on the buildings that include utilities?

Check out Bethesda Park, Grosvenor Park I-IV, and The Forum.

Have a cat? 

They’re allowed in Grosvenor Park buildings I and IV but not buildings II and III.

Just because the condo rules allow them, though, doesn’t mean an individual landlord will.

There’s no dogs allowed in Grosvenor Park I-IV whatsoever.

But 10101 Grosvenor Park is super dog-friendly.

Confused yet? 

Try this exercise with 75+ buildings – and a long list of needs/wants.

Maybe you already are trying. 

And that’s why you’re reading this.


Once upon a time, I was new to the Rockville area myself – I remember how difficult it was to make sense of the different roads, buildings, metro stops, commuter routes, shops, restaurants, etc.

I dealt with the same anxiety when looking for a place to live.

And I wish I would have had a better person or place to turn to for help – someone who wasn’t a quota-driven apartment sales rep or a stranger advertising on Craigslist; someone who would listen to my needs and keep my best interests at heart throughout the process; someone who wasn’t going to try and get me to buy when I wasn’t ready; someone I could trust implicitly.

How to Know Whether a Rockville Condo or Apartment Rental is Right for You...
without Talking to a Salesperson or Real Estate Agent.
How to Downsize Out of Your Single Family Home...

without Leaving the Rockville Area

How to Move to Rockville
from Out of Town...

without Feeling Overwhelmed


The ULTIMATE Rockville, MD Renter Service
"Andy was helpful, responsive, and most importantly, HONEST!"

- Laurie Chaikind

Angela Churie Kallhauge
“Andy provided me with objective information -  at no time did he try to railroad me into buying a home, like some of the other agents I had been in contact with.

He helped me find a place I am very happy with and has provided me with the information I need If I am to make a decision to buy.

He is an honest, patient and trustworthy agent - definitely the go-to person when it comes to relocating to this fantastic neighborhood of North Bethesda-Rockville!!

I will definitely be back very soon for his help to find a permanent home.”

Cheryl Rost
“We had to move to the DC area on short notice and were struggling to find a place to rent that was dog-friendly and near the metro.

Because of weight and breed restrictions, we were not eligible for most of the apartments/houses we were finding on our own.

What had been a stressful and overwhelming process became much more streamlined when Andy took over the search. 

We will definitely be going back to Andy when we are ready to buy and highly recommend him to anyone looking to rent or buy.”
This FREE offer is limited and not available ANY other place

Security deposits must be returned within 45 days of vacating a property (the deposit must in the tenant’s hands; not mailed).

A property is defined as vacated when the keys have been physically turned over to the landlord or property management company.

A maximum of two-month’s rent may be kept as a security deposit.

Any money taken as a security deposit – by an owner or a property management company – must sit in an escrow account and pay 1 ½% simple interest per year.

If a landlord is keeping any portion of the deposit for repair work, all work must be done by a licensed contractor and documentation should be available showing receipt of payment.

We’re willing to bet – as are many landlords – you did not know all of that.


My name is Andy Detweiler. 

I’m a licensed real estate broker and the founder of The Rockville Real Estate Exchange – I also currently live in Rockville, Maryland with my family.

When I entered the real estate field a few years back, I couldn’t believe how many people were reaching out with questions about condo and apartment pet policies, utility information, garage parking, and more…the same questions again and again.

I searched for a website that could give me an encompassing list of the condos in Rockville – just the names of the condos, nothing else.

I couldn’t believe it. 

There was nothing.

Within seconds, I could take almost any problem I was experiencing and find a YouTube video on how to fix it – but I couldn’t get a list of all the condos in a major metropolitan suburb.

I knew that was a huge problem. 

And I knew it was just the tip of the iceberg.

I wrote down all the common condo questions people had ever asked me – and spent the next six months building my initial website, tracking down the information (it was ridiculously hard), and organizing it in an easy-to-consume fashion.

Since then, I’ve researched apartments (combined with condos, there are over 75+ options in the 20850 and 20852 zip codes) in the same vicinity and have helped tons of folks in their rental search.

Folks like Chris and Cheryl Rost…


Chris and Cheryl were an engaged couple living in New Jersey when Cheryl accepted her dream job in DC.

The only problem was they knew nothing about living in Maryland – and once Cheryl accepted the job, things started moving very fast; they had a limited amount of time to figure out a plan.

They didn’t know what neighborhoods to look in or what would be feasible in terms of a housing budget.

Making matters more difficult, they didn’t know if they were going to find a place that would accept their beloved dog, Harvey, and were afraid they were going to have to leave him behind.

The process was overwhelming and confusing.

Cheryl would spend all her free time Googling new search terms and trying to use national sites like Zillow and Hotpads – but she wasn’t getting very far.

Time was moving quickly and the two had their hands full trying to leave their old jobs, start new jobs, pack, and visit as many people as possible before they left New Jersey.

Finally, Chris and Cheryl came across an apartment that said it was dog friendly; they went to see it.

Unfortunately, the website was extremely misleading – it wasn’t nearly as new or nice as advertised.

“It was such a dump,” Cheryl recalled. 

“It reminded me of a bad college dorm. That was the best thing I could find. One weekend, we came into town and were driving around aimlessly trying to find a good area.

We would drive down the street and Google buildings as we passed them. It was a nightmare.

Our biggest fear was that we wouldn’t find a place that would accept Harvey. We came from an expensive real estate market but we had no idea we were moving into an even more expensive and competitive market.”

Luckily for Cheryl and Chris, the two connected with me.

They were not only shocked that such a service existed (since most professional REALTORS will not work with renters – especially knowledgeable ones) but also blown away by how quickly and seamlessly I was able to hear their requirements, identify the places that met their criteria, manage the application process, and get them into a good home, all the while protecting their interests along the way.

Cheryl looked back…

“It was supposed to be an exciting time because I had found a dream job. But if we ended up living in a place we were miserable it would have ruined the experience.

We would have been out a ton of money trying to break the lease – and would have had to try to start the whole process all over again while living here.

Chris and Cheryl at least had each other to help with their search.

Lindsey Spady wasn’t so lucky….


As a single Mom working a full-time job, caring for her son, and searching for a place to live all at the same time, Lindsey was finding the entire renting process extremely overwhelming.

Despite access to sites like Zillow and Hotpads, many of the ads – and pictures -were deceiving.

There was either too much information or not the right information – and she knew apartment complexes were paying someone to make their units look the best.

For example, one complex showcased pictures of brand new renovations while leaving out the fact there were no in-unit washers and dryers.

When Lindsey showed up to view properties in person, things became even more frustrating.

She recalled the experience….

“There was an advertised rental for a certain price.
As soon as I showed up for the tour and mentioned the price, they said you can’t trust what you see online.

I was a single Mom trying to juggle a million things.

I had taken hours out of my day and made special arrangements to see this property – and here they were doing a classic bait and switch.”

Whether renting from a large corporation or a private owner, Lindsey found different, but similarly challenging issues:

“It’s intimidating to go on apartment tours because you are incentivized to sign up right away; you don’t have time to do research and there is usually some type of pressured buy.

If it’s a private owner, you’re always wondering if the person is going to be responsible and responsive; they’re less likely to be audited and if you’re unrepresented, they know you don’t have the time or expertise with regards to rules and regulations.

In my previous rental, I found roaches within a week of moving in. If I had someone working I’m my side, it’s likely I wouldn’t have incurred the problem to begin with.”

Luckily, Lindsey was able to connect with us before ultimately choosing a destination.

Almost instantly, she winded up finding a condo that both she and her son love – and that her son brags about to his schoolmates.

When asked to summarize why she found the rental service useful, she remarked the following:

“I could trust you and you knew the area. You were willing to tailor services to me based on my situation and were giving me a personal touch in terms of adjusting to my circumstances.

I felt safe having someone who knew about security deposits, required maintenance, and other leasing matters – things I previously signed away on without much thought.

You were nothing short of amazing .I've worked with other (REALTORS) in other areas, and I've never felt so well-served.”

It’s something that a lot of athletes are looking towards as another step in their journey to improving their fitness and having fun.
Scott Panchik
CrossFit Mentality, 5-time individual CrossFit Games veteran
Awesome event…extremely well organized, athletes are taken care of and good events that leave the athletes motivated to train hard rather than wrecked.
CJ Martin
Owner of CrossFit Invictus
This FREE offer is limited and not available ANY other place
At the time of this writing, an average 2BR/2BA condo in the 20850 and 20852 zip codes rents for around $2,050 per month?

With a two-year lease term (what landlords in Montgomery County are required to offer by law), that’s a cost of almost $50,000.

As mentioned before, there are over 75+ apartment and condo buildings in just those two zip codes alone.

They all charge different amounts based on length of lease, bedrooms/bathrooms, parking options, utilities, pet deposit fees, amenities, and many more factors.

Suppose you chose apartment/condo A without a full understanding of those details – and passed up apartment/condo B down the street solely because you didn’t know it was even there.

At a minimum, you’ve just wasted $2,400.

What if you spent $400 or $500 more a month? 

That’s potentially TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars you’re wasting.

We’re not even considering all the time you’ve spent looking for places online; the gas to drive around; calls that went unreturned; trips in and out of town, etc.

And that number certainly doesn’t include the cost of an unscrupulous landlord or apartment complex that owes you absolutely no fiduciary duty, let alone will properly educate you on things like security deposits, required maintenance times, and other protections you are entitled to by law.

Most importantly, it doesn’t include the emotional toll of coming home to a place you absolutely can’t stand to be living in..

Check out some of these rental site options that you might have seen before….

Look familiar?

These are the links to “Rockville“ rental searches - which is strange because many of the results are from places not even in the immediate area.

We're here to help and we will always have your best interest in mind.

Why not take advantage of it?

You've truly got nothing to lose.
This FREE offer is limited and not available ANY other place
It’s something that a lot of athletes are looking towards as another step in their journey to improving their fitness and having fun.
Scott Panchik
CrossFit Mentality, 5-time individual CrossFit Games veteran
Awesome event…extremely well organized, athletes are taken care of and good events that leave the athletes motivated to train hard rather than wrecked.
CJ Martin
Owner of CrossFit Invictus

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